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3 Ways Millennials are Changing Parenting

by Kimstore Enterprise 05 Aug 2021

Parenting styles change through generations. Good parenting means recognizing the mistakes made by our parents and raising a new generation that’s better than the last.


That's why hearing millennial parents talk about breaking the cycle is nothing new. This generation’s focus on mental health has made millennial parents assess their childhoods objectively to find out what could have been done better.


Breaking the cycle means stopping the parenting mistakes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Things like corporal punishment or with what we say that could affect a child’s self-esteem.


Here are 3 ways millennials are changing the way children are being raised.


No more baby talk

No one is a stranger to baby talk. In fact, we’re willing to bet it's used more now that furbabies are a thing. Baby talk using made-up words are cute but research shows it's actually bad for your child’s vocabulary.


It's not the first time we’ve heard that children absorb knowledge like a sponge. At this early stage of their development, they are already taking cues from adults, especially communication.


Using actual words to talk with your baby or toddler helps them build better vocabulary at an early age.


If the entire premise sounds too impersonal or harsh, don't worry! You can try talking in a sing-songy voice. The same research reveals that talking to young children this way helps retain their attention on you.


Allow to answer

The previous entry was on the easy side. The next one is quite a challenge. People who were raised in very conservative homes will be able to relate.


The next millennial parenting tip is to let your children answer for themselves or allow them to talk back, but of course in a better way.


Back talk can happen at any age and could stem from a number of reasons. It's usually a very intense and serious moment for parents.


Simply put, your child is asserting independence although in an emotional lashing out kind of way. Child experts say responding with the same energy or escalating with hostility is not the answer.


Allow them to express themselves respectfully and constructively and give them respect. Let them use their words to elaborate their position objectively. By letting them learn this way, they also learn to get over other hurdles with the same approach.


It's a challenge, but these are the commitments of being a parent!


Realistic Chores

If the last one was too big for you, here’s something that we’re sure a lot of people can agree on - children should be encouraged to take part in household chores. It builds character and teaches them to take responsibility for their home. They also learn that some things just need a bit of elbow grease and the value of manual labor.


Doing and or helping with chores are also a great way of getting children to explore their interests like gardening and cooking!


Worried about letting your children use fire? Why not try a multifunctional cooker like the Smartcook 5-in-1? Because it's electric, there's no risk of fire injuries and no risk of burning food. It's a great tool for teaching kids the basics of cooking and a good stepping stone before moving on to stovetop or oven cooking.


It's easy to get great results from the recipes you can make with the Smartcook 5-in-1 Multifunctional cooker making it a great motivator to try cooking again and again. It also makes a diverse range of food from basic rice cooking to soups and stews and for more advanced chefs-in-the-making, cakes!


Those are 3 ways millennials are changing parenting. If you’re a parent and you don’t think it’s for you, it’s ok! One thing we’re sure of is that each parent has their own style of raising children and has their kids best in mind.


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