Celebrate Ninang Kim’s Birthday with BillEase’s Special Promo!

August 23, 2023
Celebrate Ninang Kim’s Birthday with BillEase’s Special Promo!
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Celebrate Ninang Kim’s Birthday with BillEase’s Special Promo!

Ready to join us for a special birthday celebration? Cause’ we’ve got something planned for you! Kimstore has partnered up with BillEase for special, limited offer basis 0% interest installment plans up to 3 months to Kimstore customers. 

Get the tech or gadget of your dreams without worrying about high interest rates!

BillEase Exclusive 0% Interest Campaign - August 22 to 26, 2023

From August 22 to 26, new users who sign up to/forBillEase can use these 0% interest plans for any purchase they make on Kimstore’s website, paying only a one-time processing fee of 3% of the order price.

Processing time with BillEase is very fast, with same-day approval possible provided you submit all the necessary requirements before 6:00 PM.

How much can BillEase cover?

BillEase can cover a payment between PHP 2,000 to PHP 40,000. That way, you should be able to buy a wide range of tech ranging from an entry level phone like the Tecno Pop 5 (LTE) to even a premium flagship device/phone like the Google Pixel 7.

Can I buy an item above 40K with BillEase?

Yes, you can buy an item such as a flagship Samsung Galaxy S23 or iPhone 14. However, for items that cost more than PHP 40,000, you’ll be paying anything above that amount as part of your upfront payment.

To know more about how to buy your favorite gadgets with BillEase, check out our coverage here!

Check out the special discounted birthday collection here!

While you’re at it, feel free to browse our special campaign items available at discounted prices here. There’s a wide range of tech items and gadgets to choose from, including some affordable laptops from BMAX for those heading back to school, the Amazon Kindle Scribe with a bundled Prime Pen for voracious readers, and even a full 32” TV from Realme!

So come on, let’s celebrate by shopping for our favorite tech at discounted prices. Also, make sure to follow our Facebook page for even more Flash Deals during this period. Enjoy!

For gadgets and electronics, get it at Kimstore!

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