Coldplay Stops in 2025?

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin announced last December that the band will stop recording new music in 2025. Right off the bat, we know, super sad! The good news, Coldplay intends to continue to tour and will still stay together as a band.

The band released their most recent album in 2021, Music of the Spheres to mixed reception but that’s just fans and critics being themselves. It was still a fun album!

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Coldplay has done a lot and we mean literally alot. Aside from their deep discography, they’ve raised so much for charities and involved themselves in international philantrophy and activism.

As artists, they have made a lifetime’s worth of music. We are sure the members will have individual projects moving forward. Coldplay are total performers with Martin saying the band would love to continue touring until they are old.

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Do you really think Coldplay will stop making music in 2025? In the meantime, let’s enjoy Coldplay’s music. The classics are still guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings, and we know we’re speaking from experience.

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