Get More Out of Your Payday!

August 21, 2022
Get More Out of Your Payday!
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It’s sweldo day again! Say it out loud yall. As much as it's tempting to splurge and spend it all at once, we at Kimstore and our friends at Kazumi would like to propose something else.

Why not enjoy your payday shopping but make sure you’re investing for the long-term too? Do both and shop from Kazumi’s home offerings. Here are 5 affordable home appliances you can enjoy with your payday sweldo!

The most basic of basic home appliances. The most essential of essentials, the Rice Cooker. The Kazumi 1 liter or 1.5 liter variants both come with a steamer attachment for cooking or reheating ulam together with your rice; because what’s a meal without rice, right?

The Electric Kettle is the ginawin’s best friend. It's the first thing you turn on in the morning for your morning coffee or to quickly warm up your panligo. You can get the Kazumi Single Walled Kettle for P399, but shell out 200 Pesos more and you could get the Double Walled Kettle which provides more insulation

For busy households, gas stoves are increasingly becoming impractical. gas always seems to run out right when you're about to cook, waiting for a gas delivery becomes a gruesome wait, and the task of having to check the gas gauge everytime you turn it on is just another thing to keep track of. That’s why the Induction Cooker is such a practical choice.

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Living with pets and tired of constantly sweeping the floor? What you need is a Vacuum Cleaner. The Kazumi Wireless Portable Vacuum is a low-noise handheld vacuum guaranteed to minimize spooking out pets or bugging neighbors and housemates. It’s very easy to clean, with just one button for the dirt vessel and has a reusable and washable filter.

No one gets through the day without a little snack. A little toasty sandwich or a morning waffle, perhaps. Get your breakfast or snack ready with the Prescook Sandwich, Waffle Maker, and Electric Grill.

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Those are 5 affordable home appliances that're perfect for starting and building up your home. So get more out of your payday, get something you’ll enjoy this sweldo and will be there for the next… and the next… and the next.

The Kazumi design philosophy is dedicated to combining beauty of form and function. Choose the best partner in building your dream kitchen. Follow Kazumi Appliances on Facebook and Instagram. Genuine Kazumi products are available on Shopee, Lazada, or

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