Pabasa Starter Kit

September 6, 2022
Pabasa Starter Kit
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Now that most people won’t be able to go out for church, we figured it would be best to help you send all your prayers even at home. Yes, you can do your prayers with the entire family in the safe of your home in preparation for the coming Holy Week. Let’s dive into Ninang Kim’s Pabasa Starter Kit! 

Exceedo Ravaganaza Bluetooth Trolley Speaker

This is one of the newest entries in our list as this was launch just a month ago. Exceedo Ravaganza Bluetooth Trolley Speaker is an entry-level Bluetooth trolley speaker which includes a super handy microphone. Best suited for outdoor and indoor gatherings or even for casual music listening. Even [perfect for special occasions like Pabasa this Holy week!

You can get this for only P1,450 now. 

Sembrandt MS200 16.5" Mini Soundbar

Now, this may not be the biggest of the bunch but this is also useful if you wish to have prayers like Pabasa. Great for Netflix movies and all but versatile enough to be used for Holy Week too. 

This is a great deal for only P999

Exceedo Arena A20 RGB Computer Speaker

If you wish to get more value and use for a speaker for your Holy Week Pabasa, Exceedo Arena A20 RGB Computer Speaker can be a great option for you out there. This is the most affordable in the list and is the one with the most value in our opinion because you can use it pretty much anywhere too. 

This is available for only P748 at Kimstore. 


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