Report Package Tampering and Theft!

The holidays are a time of gift giving, spending time, and giving thanks for family and friends. It’s a major shopping season and some people are taking advantage of the hustle and bustle. 

Kimstore is 100% LEGIT and has been fighting fraud and scams since 2006! We advocate for customers to get the best value and service they deserve.

Parcels are being targeted for tampering and/or theft and you can trust Kimstore is doing its part to prevent and secure customer packages.

When receives reports of package tampering and theft, an investigation is immediately launched, security measures and protocols are reviewed, and possible solutions are put into effect as soon as possible.  

All packages shipped by are verified and documented for security before being handed off to third party couriers. 

What to do if you receive a tampered package?

If you received a tampered package, please contact our official Kimstore customer hotlines immediately at: Globe: +63 917 503 8887,  Smart: +63 908 886 9799,  Sun: +63 922 8859 799 or send a report via HERE
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