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SIM Card Registration Extended for Another 90 Days

by Kimstore Customer Care 28 Apr 2023

The ongoing SIM card registration throughout the Philippines has been extended for another 90 days, giving people up to July 25, 2023 to finish registering their SIM cards. 

This announcement was made by Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla during the task force meeting regarding the oil spill in Mindoro following a sectoral meeting with President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Tuesday.

Low registration turnout

The main reason cited for the extension was the low turnout regarding SIM registration in the country. According to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on Friday, only 75.5 million SIM cards were registered as of April 20.

That’s about 45% of the estimated 168 million SIM cards currently in use across the country. Nonetheless, the agency did say that they weren’t targeting 100% registration, all things considered.

This is despite all the efforts to raise awareness ranging from traditional advertising to making use of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council’s (NDRRMC) emergency broadcast system to remind users to accomplish their SIM card registration, much to the surprise of many.

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Causes for the slow adoption

The country’s major telcos attributed the low registration rates to a number of problems such as the lack of valid government IDs as well as the long process it usually takes to get them as well as a lack of digital literacy among some segments of the population.

As a result, telcos have urged the government to grant holders some more time to secure their valid government-issued IDs in order to complete the registration.

“We are filing this request to help give ample time to all mobile users, particularly the marginal-ized sectors and those located in geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas of the country to register their SIMs,” says PLDT and Smart first vice president and head of Group Corporate Communications Cathy Yang last April 12.

On the other side, Globe appealed to the government to allow other means of identification such as school IDs for students, company IDs for workers, and even barangay certificates for those who don’t have valid government-issued IDs.

Where to register my SIM?

Another obstacle to the registration is that many simply do not know where to go to get their SIM cards registered. Not everyone has internet access to complete the registration online either.

For now, users unable to go online for their registration can visit the telcos' physical branches and stores in various malls and kiosks in the country to receive assistance. They have also put up physical stores in far-off locations in order to help with the process as well.

Meanwhile, those who can accomplish their registration online can visit the following websites in order to get started:

There, you will be asked to fill in details such as your full name, address, registration type, etc. You’ll be asked for a photo of your valid ID as well as a selfie during the process. Remember to double-check all of your details as well before finalizing everything.

The SIM card registration applies even to people who are traveling abroad or for those who use roaming services. Additionally, those below 17 years old will be registered under their parent or legal guardian’s name.

What happens if I fail to register my SIM?

According to the SIM Registration Law, all unregistered SIMs shall be automatically deactivated. Once this happens, you won’t be able to make and receive calls and messages to anyone. 

Additionally, you won’t be able to use your mobile data to access the internet as well. All of your remaining load balances will be forfeited as well.

Users who would’ve missed the deadline would have been given no later than five days to process the reactivation of their SIMs. This could be changed following the extension announcement.

Still, it’s definitely a huge hassle for everyone. Remember to make the most out of the extension and finish your SIM card registration!

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