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If you really wanna get serious about your Tiktok videos and you wish to improve the quality of the contents you produce in the platform, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’re enlisted a bunch of Tiktok starters to get you started or to get your videos dramatically improved in a snap. Check out these budget video lights you can use at home from Prestigio


PRESTIGIO Super Reflective Distortion-Free Mirror

This is great if you have a dedicated table or a spot when you can start recording anytime. Just place it stable turn on and let it light your face evenly. You can even check your look with its built-in Distortion-Free Mirror so you know exactly what’s happening. 

This is available for only P999 at Kimstore


PRESTIGIO 8" Table-Top Ringlight with Double-Sided Vanity Mirror

If you want to achieve that studio-level light that evenly lights our face for all your Tiktok videos, then this 8” Table-top Ringlight is perfect. It even boasts a great and handy double-sided vanity mirror for your demanding self. hihi. 

Currently available for only P1,490 at Kimstore


PRESTIGIO Dual Temperature Led Video Light Stand

Need a fill light so that your audience can see your face better? This Dual Temperature LED Video Light Stand works perfectly because it has, as mentioned, dual temperatures that can adjust to your lighting preferences. Should you need it warm looking or you want cool tones, this allows you to easily adjust the color temperature quickly.  

This is available for only P4,890


PRESTIGIO 18” LED Dimmable Ring Light

For a great well-rounded Ring-light that you can move around easily, our recommendation falls to this 18” LED Right light that is also highly versatile because it can be dimmed to your liking. 

Available for only P4,480.


PRESTIGIO Professional Double Arms Fill Light

Like its Fill Light Video Stand counterpart, this Professional Arms Fill Light can do wonders with its adjustable color temperature to fit your liking. It's highly flexible too, like, literally because its arms can be bent to work around the position you want it to be. Bravo, right? 

You can get it for only P3,890 from Kimstore.

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