To productivity and beyond!

School season comes once again! With face to face classes closing in on the horizon, so does the need to gear up for success. Be ready for this academic year’s challenges and beyond with these laptops and tablets that are at their best prices yet! 

Alldocube iPlay 8T and Alldocube iPlay 20S start off our list. If you want to prioritize affordability, these tablets are what you are looking for! Both come with crystal clear widescreen IPS displays. For a bit of a step up, check out the Alldocube iPlay 30 Pro LTE Tablet with pen. iPlay 30 Pro comes with double the memory of iPlay 8T to give you more headroom. 

All Alldocube tablets are on the Android platform. For an iOS tablet experience, check out the Apple IPad Air 4 (2020) WiFi. At this price, it's definitely your chance to get in on the Apple ecosystem. The performance is nothing to scoff at and it takes the throne for the handy tablet experience. 

Everyone needs memory now, Random Access Memory that is. Random Access Memory or RAM is something every smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop needs to do fast computations. Every app or program needs RAM to work smoothly, especially if you have online meetings, online classes, and video calls in your future. 

For heavier tasks, maybe a laptop is more suitable for you. The BMAX S13 which comes in 128GB and 256GB storage variants, but both equipped with a 13.3in display and 6GB of RAM. 

BMAX laptops are great workhorses, but all those spreadsheets and documents will want more processing power, too. If that’s the case, what you need is the BMAX X15 or BMAX Laptop X14Pro. Both clock in at 8GB of RAM with expansive capacity for storage. The X15 gives you 256GB of storage but X14Pro is the champ at 512GB. 

For a certified productivity heavy hitter, give yourself a glimpse of the Alldocube GTBook 14.1. It’s hard to find a laptop with this price tag to RAM ratio. You’ll open up a whole new dimension of efficiency with 12GB of RAM. Even the form factor guarantees you’ll stay mobile with good visibility from the 14.1in screen.

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