3 Inspiring Entrepreneur Stories

Every budding entrepreneur knows their business hero’s story. It's no different from a basketball fan knowing about Jordan or Kobe’s story. These tidbits are a great source of motivation, ideas, and inspiration.

This World Entrepreneur Day, we celebrate three stories behind young entrepreneurs and their hurdles. Who knows? Your story might be next!


Angeline Tham, Angkas

Angeline Tham is originally from Singapore but has spent enough time in Metro Manila to be late for a meeting or two. She saw motorcycles zooming away while she was stuck in traffic. Right there, the idea for Angkas was born.

Tham saw the motorcycle ride hailing service as a solution to Metro Manila’s notorious traffic and she was right. Due to the massive need for the service, Angkas quickly grew which drew some heat from the authorities.

Tham and the company would soon fight for Angkas’ legality and right to operate in the courts. By then, Angkas had endeared itself to the public because of the convenience they provided and helped by the company’s unique marketing approach. Their court battles drew massive support from users and its drivers.


Jeffrey and Tatiana Hitosis, Ala Eh Barako


Jeffrey Hitosis grew up in Batangas and worked in coffee farms as a child to help the family. He went on to become an IT manager where he met would-be wife Tatiana at work. At their wedding, they gave away coffee beans as souvenirs. Soon enough, guests would ask the couple for more of the beans.

Jeffrey and Tatiana saw the demand, worked with the best Batangas farmers and roasters, and started selling beans online. Jeffrey used his tech background to maximize available data. Combine that with carefully scrutinized products to maintain quality, it's no wonder Ala Eh Barako grew as quickly as it did.

Ala Eh Barako now has a brick and mortar store in Pampanga and continues to sell beans on online platforms.


Kim Lato, Kimstore.com


Last but not the least, Kimstore’s very own Ninang Kim. Kim Lato saw her opportunity after a hard time buying lenses for her camera.

It was a very common problem for anyone who had a hobby back then. It was already the 2000’s but foreign mid- to high-end products, especially tech and electronic gadgets, were still very hard to come by. In best case scenarios, you would still need a credit card, a very cooperative relative abroad preferably in the US, and even then there was no guarantee when your delivery would come. Maybe for Christmas, when the next balikbayan box comes?

Kim started a page on multiply.com (RIP) as a college student and sold cameras and camera accessories through meetups. It was 2006 and cash on delivery wouldn’t be an everyday thing in the country for around a decade.

15 years forward and Ninang Kim still remains committed to bringing quality tech, gadgets, and electronics to each customer.

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