Celebrating with Flowers and Colors at Kimstore!

Celebrating with Flowers and Colors at Kimstore!

Flores de Mayo’s just around the corner and you know what this means! Flowers galore! This cultural and religious event has always been accompanied with plenty of interesting and colorful arrangements, creating quite an eye-catching event.

The upcoming celebration’s got us curious about flowers too so we’ve scoured the net, looking for the meaning behind flowers and their colors. See if we can match their vibe in the entries below:


Uyy, kilig! Everyone already knows red is used to convey feelings of true love and intense passion. However, red can also signify courage and communicate respect. Red flowers like roses, tulips, and geraniums still have their place even after Valentine’s Day.

Red can also be a very bold and attention-grabbing color, making it popular among brands looking to convey excitement. It’s why the classic Nintendo Switch features both a red box and red and blue Joycons. Nothing excites us more like the latest games on this amazing, portable console right?


Like the character of ’Joy’ from Pixar’s “Inside Out”, yellow is used to denote well, joy and happiness as well as friendship towards the people around you. You’d be surprised at how fast a gray, dreary room can brighten up with the addition of some yellow sunflowers or daisies.

The colors work the same way for other things like cars and phones. Donning the iPhone 14 Plus in its yellow colorway for instance, is an easy way to share happiness inside a room.


Feeling a little blue? Don’t let the color get you down just yet. When it comes to flowers, blue can symbolize peace and tranquility. It’s a break from all the stress going on. If you know someone who just needs to reset and de-stress, sending them some nice blue cornflowers or hydrangeas could do wonders.

Blue is also a popular color in the tech world, often symbolizing something trusty or dependable. Maybe something like Redmi Note 12 Pro which is making big splashes in the midrange segment.


We often see white flowers during two main events: either in a bridal bouquet or when someone has passed on. White flowers do mean sympathy after all, and it’s not out of the blue to give white flowers like carnations or roses to someone grieving or someone whom we simply wish to get better. It also represents purity and innocence. 

As for its place in tech, one brand really stands out when it comes to giving their products a white colorway. After all, even Apple’s accessories typically come in white. Anything from the Apple Pencil to the M1 Macbook Air comes in something resembling white.

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Just as how vibrant green plants signify freshness for most of them, green flowers communicate good health, good fortune, and youthfulness. Plants can be very relaxing by themselves due to this, and you can get flowers like the bells of Ireland, anthurium, or button flowers that look just as healthy as your wishes.

And you can easily preserve your fortune without losing out on performance in tech nowadays. Something like the Oppo A57 should provide plenty of performance and camera chops without breaking your banks!


Similar to red, pink flowers have also been used as a symbol of love and happiness. It’s also a color traditionally associated with femininity, which is just perfect for the coming Mother’s Day as well! But of course, boys and men are free to enjoy pink as well, whether in the form of pink roses, lilies, or azaleas!

Pink’s a fun color you can find in tech as well, with pink-colored accessories and phones consistently being best-sellers. Kind of like the Oppo A96, which offers a good package and a fun design in such a modest package!


While it can look similar to purple, lavender flowers have their own meaning. They tend to symbolize grace, youth, and elegance. Flowers like lilacs, petunias, and indeed, the lavender plant itself can be quite luxurious as well.

Luxury is also the name of the game with something like the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. It boasts some of the best cameras, performance, and features among many high-end smartphones and it even comes in a lavender color too!


Is it true? Are black flowers a thing that any goth or scene kid can get ahold of? Well, no. While flowers don’t naturally turn out black, there are shades of purples or blue that get dark enough to appear black from a distance. Like its elusiveness, black flowers can mean mystery and intrigue, whether it’s dark maroon calla lilies or the queen of the night tulip.

Hop over onto tech and the situation is quite different. Black is a very common color for most of our gadgets. Not too surprising since it can be quite a powerful and stylish color. Look no further than the Nothing Phone 1 to see how its black back contrasts with its cool lighting system. Stylish.

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