Everyday Carry for Beginners

September 4, 2021 | 3 minute read | In Partnership with Jaguar Electronics


The everyday carry or EDC has been gaining popularity in the past years and seems to be a reflection of the increasing need to be prepared. The pandemic, extreme weather changes, these really do make for uncertain times. 

An EDC is simply a group of items you consider essential to have everyday and ready at a moment's notice. You probably already have an EDC without even knowing it. After all, the average person doesn’t leave home without their keys, wallet, and phone. 

In observance of National Preparedness Month, here are some essential items for your EDC. 



The wallet is a real cornerstone of any functioning adult’s pockets. Looking to upgrade your wallet? Not so fast! 

One of the best features for wallets is waterproofing. The classic leather wallet offers limited but sufficient protection from moisture for as long as the leather holds and as long as its not out in the weather. Some modern wallets meanwhile focus on weight reduction and do not have waterproofing in mind, especially since credit cards and PVC ids dry up well. 

You could go for more secure watertight options but the classic leather wallet or purse provides a good middle ground. 

Take extra care for laminated and temporary ids which could get ruined with the slightest touch of water.



The multitool is one staple of experienced EDC and outdoors enthusiasts. Your tito or lolo probably had one, with the swiss army knife being the most common.

These days, there are more options to choose from and with different levels of functionality and sizes.

When combined with the right knowledge of how to use the attachments, anyone can go from naive city dweller to gritty Discovery Channel survivalist. The basic and most useful features are usually the pocket knife, scissors, can and bottle opener which makes it great for everyday use or first aid emergencies.


Portable Power Source

The smartphone crosses off a lot of the items that you would have previously seen in an emergency kit.

Radios, flashlights, emergency phone line. The smartphone is now built to be a real handy companion for everyday use.

The only caveat is the wide range of battery life of the many models you can choose from. That’s why during an emergency, it is always handy to have a powerbank fully charged ready to go.

There are a wide variety of powerbanks that could give your phone a few extra minutes or charge it back to full power twice over. In emergencies, each minute is crucial and each second of battery life could be a lifesaver. You can even forgo the cable since some powerbanks like the Jaguar Newton has wireless charging for compatible models.


Batteries or other portable power sources are essential for emergency kits in case of power outages.


There you have it. 3 basic items you could carry everyday which will help you hold the line in times of trouble. Of course you could also add these items to your emergency kit. 

Essential electronic medical items like blood pressure monitors and blood sugar monitors still rely on AA or AAA batteries to power them. Long-lasting alkaline batteries or rechargeable ni-mh batteries from Jaguar electronics are a fine addition to any first aid kit. 

Integrate preparedness into your everyday routine with Jaguar Electronics and be prepared for the challenge ahead. 

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