Happy Wife, Happy Life

In partnership with Kazumi | September 19, 2021 | 2 minute read


It's Wife Appreciation Day! It’s a wonderful chance to show your wife how much she means to you. If you’re thinking of a gift to buy or where to treat her, why not get your wife something money can’t buy? A husband who will do the housework with all pampering and no worries.


But, what chores should you do?


Starting the Day: Induction or Gas Stove?


Let’s start with breakfast or, if you’re reading this late, any meal of the day. Choose your weapon, Double Burner Stove or Induction Cooker? Both are essential for any kitchen and would be familiar to most. The double burner stove is a classic and works with most cookingware. The induction cooker on the other hand is more consistent, doesn’t need gas, and heats up quicker.


So bring your wife something special and something you made yourself. She’ll surely appreciate breakfast in bed (or at least prepare, she might have rules against eating in the bedroom, which you should know about).


The Big Clean Up

Breakfast is finished. You finished the first challenger of the day but there is still so much to do. Time to clean! Not just the mess you made during breakfast, but the house as well. Good thing vacuums are so easy to use these days and very quiet, not like old vacuums!


Time to choose, clean the wife’s workdesk or the entire room? Both your workspaces could always do with some cleaning. For her keyboard, desk, and everything in between, try the Brillo Sweep Vacuum. Aside from making a great gift, its also practical for other kinds of workspaces like crafting desks, hobby kits, sewing kits, and more.


You can also try the Kazumi Stick and Handheld Vacuum. In case you didn’t know, vacuums aren’t just for the floor. You can AND should also vacuum sofas, curtains, and more. With the available attachments, there are no hard to reach areas. (Hint: do both)


Snack for a Snack


Its snack time! Not for you though, remember its Wife Appreciation Day. Its been a long day and time for you to choose, which do you think the wife would like better? Coffee or Tea? Hot Choco? How about a sandwich? Plain buttered bread or a full-on sandwich with complete fillings?


If you hadn’t gotten the clue yet, you should be doing it all. Remember to get good bread and her favorite fillings, crisp it up with the Prescook for a great twist. Heat up some water with the Double-walled Kettle.


Congratulations! You’ve gotten this far, how well did you do? The true gift is being the best husband your wife would be lucky to have.


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