Kimstore bags awards at Xiaomi’s #LiveVivid Redmi Note 12 Series launch!

It’s a good day to be part of the Kimmunity! Today, Kimstore shines even more vividly as we take home not just one but two awards from Xiaomi Philippines at their recent conference “Raising Excellence: A Celebration beyond our Continued Success”.

Held at the Manila Marriott Hotel, Kimstore took home awards for the “Top Regional Key Account in South GMA'' as well as Xiaomi’s “AIOT Partner of the Year in South GMA'' award during that fun-filled announcement night.


“Xiaomi is one of our most valuable partners when it comes to delivering amazing tech in the country,” says Kimstore founder and CEO Kim Lato. “Thanks to Xiaomi, more and more Filipinos are getting their hands on cool new products without breaking the bank.”


We here at Kimstore would like to give special thanks to Xiaomi for the award and recognition. We promise to deliver even bigger and better tech to Filipinos not just in the south GMA area but to the whole nation “mula Batanes hanggang Jolo”.


Speaking of new tech though: the awards weren’t the only thing on Xiaomi’s mind during that night.


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Redmi Note 12 Series launched

The event also served as the official launch of Xiaomi’s new Redmi Note 12 Series here in the Philippines. The Redmi Note line has proven itself to be a popular choice here among those looking for a budget to mid-range smartphone capable of delivering the goods for everyday use.


And the Redmi Note 12 series is looking to continue that trend with its three new smartphone offerings: The Redmi Note 12 Pro 5G, the Note 12, and the Note 12 Pro+ 5G.


The brand is looking to bring in new features and parts to this line of smartphones, promising smoother performance, longer battery life, and of course, even more vivid photos as fitting the night’s theme.


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