Microsoft Officially Launches Windows 11

August 23, 2022
Microsoft Officially Launches Windows 11
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Microsoft officially rolled out Windows 11 last week after a few months of beta testing.

Windows 11 which was announced in June 2021 is the latest version of Microsoft's operating system.

The most anticipated feature is Android apps running natively on the OS. Android users can expect better integration between their phone and their desktops and laptops. We fully expect this to change user experience and design for future android apps and app updates. With a breakthrough feature like this, how much will Windows 11 affect the mobile gaming scene?

Productivity and work seems to be a cornerstone of Windows 11. Multitaskers will rejoice with the enhanced desktop dynamics via Snap Layouts. Snap Layouts make it easier to run multiple windows and apps simultaneously.

Microsoft took some notes from Apple’s desktop features too. Virtual desktops are now on Windows 11, adding another layer of functionality and compartmentalization. Work on different things at once but keep them organized.

Lastly but not leastly, Windows 11 highlighted the integration of Microsoft Teams. Various remote work setups have been vying for supremacy during the pandemic and Microsoft teams is easily one of the top choices.

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Microsoft will still continue with a segmented roll out so keep an eye on your desktop notifications if Windows 11 will be available on your device.

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