Pet Day at Kimstore

It’s Pet Day at Kimstore! welcomed all pets last April 11, 2022 as part of Pet Day celebrations.

Fur Parents took dogs of all kinds to the office and one pet parent even brought their beloved snakes! Ninang Kim also had her long-time buddy Ixus, a shih tzu who goes to the office everyday as part of Kimstore’s resident dogs together with Bobby and Lennon. Together, the Kimstore dogs give the Kimstore Headquarters a cozy home feel.

Pets in the office are known to help relieve stress and increase productivity, as well as adding to the cute faces at Kimstore. Aside from the benefits of pet-friendly workplaces, Kimstore also encourages responsible pet ownership.

Others who were not able to bring their pets to the office had the alternative to show off by sharing pictures and stories.

Until the next pet day! hopes you’re not allergic to fur! Learn more and see if Kimstore is the workplace for you at Kimstore Careers.

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