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While we’re all busy worrying and fighting against the pandemic, we would like to remind you of the power of prayers in this battle. This coming Holy Week, we thought of collating a list of gadgets that could help you get a more peaceful Semana Santa Ahead. Let’s dive right in! 


Aroma Naturale Essentials Oils

Did you know that Oil Diffusers can stimulate the environment because of its scent? Having an Oil Diffuser dramatically improves mood and helps improve respiration. Depending on the oils you use, you can get various effects such as to treat headaches, some will help you sleep better at night and much more.

You can get these Aroma Naturalle Essential Oils from Kimstore for only P350


OnePlus Aroma Humidifier

This one is great to have in any room, most especially in your own bedroom as it can also help you sleep better at night. Humidifiers help prevent dry skin which is great since summer just got back. It generally makes the room feel homier. It’s your go-to humidifier at home you can get for only P588


NIMBUS Dimmable Desk Lamp with Phone and Pen Holder

Now we thought we might add this Nimbus Dimmable Desk Lamp with Phone Stand and Pen Holder which you can use as a holder for your phone while you watch Netflix during the day and a desk lamp when you wish to read some verses in the Bible at night. 

You can get this for only P499.

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