Start Your Entrepreneurial Dream with Kimstore

I dunno about you, but I think the pandemic changed peoples’ lives.


Of course, it did. You would know by now that the pandemic has had a global effect on how we do things. It is unprecedented. Our personal and professional lives have been impacted in more ways than we will ever know. We don’t even know how far the effects will go.

There has been a global trend that you may have personally experienced. The pandemic has had more drastic effects in parts of the world where the professional aspect of our lives takes priority. You might know where this is going.

In an article from the National Public Radio (NPR), more and more people are finding themselves preferring their lives DURING the pandemic.


At the start of lockdowns everywhere, employers were forced to send the majority of their workers home. Work from home arrangements were made. Unfortunately, some people outright lost their jobs. But in either situation, people whose days revolved more around their work suddenly found themselves spending more time around their families.


The same situation has affected the Philippine workforce.


It wasn’t an issue for most people, especially for a culture which is very grounded in family.

Similarly, workers have also started preferring to keep their WFH situation. The usual reasons are because they have more control of their own time, and to save themselves from the uncomfortable (and lengthy) commutes.


More Filipinos have also found their entrepreneurial spirit. People have discovered they can make a living by starting a business of their own.


It's no surprise, too. By taking advantage of the tools that are freely available to anyone with an internet connection, a good quality product or service can potentially dominate the market. In fact, it is not different from how Kimstore started.


Kimstore’s roots come from an 18-year-old college student’s dream of supplying electronics in the country by discovering that nobody does it here in the Philippines. Now, Kimstore is celebrating its 15th year and would like to celebrate the Micro-, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises; along with the celebration of Enterprises Day which was just celebrated this June 27.


If you’re looking for a business idea, check out Kimstore’s Reseller Program.


Starting a business is hard work. But if you had doubts about starting out on your own, did you know that more than half of the Philippine workforce is employed by MSMEs?

To find out if its the opportunity for you, check out these links for those in Metro Manila or those in the provinces. Once you fill them out, a member of the Kimstore team will get in touch to give you more info. Give it a try!


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