The Work from Home Superstar Setup

August 12, 2021 | 3 minute read


A lot of people are back in their homes because of the resurgence of COVID cases. Just when we were excited to return to the office! A lot of Filipinos, infact, were looking forward to an implementation of mixed home-office arrangements. But let’s deal with the now and get you to do your best work even when out of the office? We asked full time freelancers and other professionals who work from home about what they think is essential for productivity.


Desk riser


Your workstation is where it all begins. First, it has to put you in the right mindset. These days, standing desks are all the rage - praised for being good for your posture, ergonomics, and productivity. The problem: most standing desks cost an arm and a leg (making it very hard to stand if you do buy one). The solution: The Ergonomist Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk. You don't have to buy a new desk and work with what you already have.





If online meetings are a regular thing for you, that means looking your best is important. You can't let yourself be left behind an empty voice-only avatar. When presentation is key, present your best self with the Supremo Full HD Webcam. Get crystal clear video and audio through the Supremo’s glass lens in smooth 30fps and built-in mic.





If you’re OC with wires or just a plain cable management nerd, worry not. Workers, let loose your peripherals that bind you to your computer! Try this Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo from the Ergonomist. Get Apple- and Windows-compatible 2.4ghz bluetooth without the high price tag.

Both the keyboard and mouse share the same bluetooth receiver clearing up a USB slot and best of all, you get a clean instagrammable workspace.





The worst thing during a work day is having to stop just when you’re getting your momentum. Now that you're working at home, there's no need to bring baon. But you still have to prep your meals. For the non-kitchen savvy office worker, the Smartcook Multifunctional Cooker is a great set it and forget it tool to have your meals ready.




Hard work needs to be reciprocated with relaxation. Get your scented candles on, look up the best spa playlist on spotify, and turn the lights down. But there's no reason why you can't get the same relaxing ambience while working. Pick your favorite essential oil and let the Aroma Naturale Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser fill your workspace with natural fragrances.

No matter your setup, don’t let anything stop you from doing your best work. Get a satisfying day of work everyday when you have your setup dialed in. Good luck on crushing your work from home setup!


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