Welcome Earth’s Mightiest Heroes & We Bare Bears to Kimstore!

Pair up Earth’s Mightiest Heroes with the Bros for Life. Our Licensed Collective brings the Justice League and We Bare Bears to Kimstore!

Get authentic and officially licensed merchandise featuring heroes and villains from the DC Universe and We Bare Bears’ Panpan, Grizz, and Ice Bear. Our Licensed Collective brings special designs to Wearable Air Purifiers from Aeroluxe and Powerbanks from Jaguar Electronics.

There are a wide range of varieties to choose from. Choose bold colorful chibi Justice League Big 3 or cute pastel themed We Bare Bears Wearable Air Purifiers from Aeroluxe. Aeroluxe Wearable Air Purifiers are lightweight necklace air purifiers and release up to 120 Million/cm3 of negative ions which improve air quality and mood.

Meanwhile, the DC Comics Powerbanks from Jaguar Electronics feature all major members of the Justice League as well as popular villains like the Joker and Harley Quinn. The Bear Bros have five different designs and don’t let the cute exterior fool you. Jaguar Powerbanks are heavy duty and the large 10,000mAh capacity will charge even the average flagship phones to 100% twice or more!

Somebody probably tagged you on this post because who wouldn’t want these lovable collectibles? These will definitely make a collector or a casual fan’s day! More products are sure to come so watch out only on Kimstore!

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