What You Need to Know About Budol Culture

This might change the way you think about budol before 7.7 Sales arrive

July 7, 2021, 3 minutes read


Budol has once again taken over Pinoy internet. But this time it's a shopping spree?

For a social climate of increasing political correctness, using a term that came from a criminal enterprise should have raised an eyebrow. It's totally in character because Filipinos just straight up ignored it.


Budol etymology

The term “budol-budol'' comes from the Hiligaynon language referring to the gang which specialized in doing the con. It has become the local term but crime sees victims all around the world. Indonesia had its own budol problems in 2017.

The basic modus is that the victim is convinced by the criminal entity that they are in urgent need of help or a unique opportunity is available. If the victim helps, there is a promise of a reward. All they need to do is hand over something valuable in exchange for what usually are fake bundles of cash. In the end, the criminals run off with the valuables, and the victim is left with the fake promise.



At its peak in 2014, more than 1000 cases of budol-budol were reported to the police. Common sense would imply more unreported incidents. Thankfully, no fatalities were linked to the crimes.


Can you Budol Feelings?

These days, budol is used when being coerced into anything unplanned. The majority of its use involves spending money, “Nabudol ako ni <insert friend> kumuha ng air fryer”. It could also be when someone sends you a link to an article that suddenly leads to something like Kimstore’s 7.7 sale.

It could also relate to spending time. “Nabudol ako ni <insert friend> magbasketball”, even impromptu bike trips are now called budol rides. The blaming part is a requirement.

It's sort of nice actually, that budol has this bonding aspect. “We have the same thing”, “You chose to go along with something unplanned”. The best part is that someone was thinking of you.

Did budol suddenly become heartwarming?


From Budol 💀 to Budol 💕

So it's one year into the pandemic and we’re on a first-name basis with our delivery people.

The pandemic forced us to spend time at home. Suddenly the bedroom and the kitchen became the office as well. We know some of you went so far as the bathroom but this is a no-shaming zone.

“We kind of heard the echo... and some other things”

The personal space AKA our homes wasn’t as personal anymore. It created a need to compartmentalize and make personal spaces within the home.

Whether it's making the home office space more professional or creating personal havens like mini-gyms or gaming rigs or kitchen upgrades.

For the young homemaker or the young professional, home improvement is to the house as the gym is for the body. In the middle, budol became both the cheat day and the workout!

But most of all, budol is to become willing participants to break our own plans. The voice that says go ahead and treat yourself.

Let that mischievous voice win a little bit.

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