Bringing the Samgy Party Home

Kimstore in partnership with Smartcook | September 4, 2021 | 3 minute read


Quick, how fast can you remember the smell at your favorite samgy place? Or, who do you think of first when samgyupsal comes up? We miss hanging out with friends and trying out the entire spread of banchan on the table too. There’s nothing like gathering around the grill while having a great time with the people who matter the most. 

It is pretty obvious that Pinoys have a love affair with Korean barbecue. Whether you got introduced to it via k-drama, word of mouth, or just wanted to try out the latest eat-all-you-can buffet, we gotta ask - why dat pork belly hit different doe? 

Granted, we already have lechon kawali, inihaw na liempo, bagnet, and then samgyupsal bursts in? It's like if the Backstreet boys, after years of enjoyable classics, came out with another hit! Just when we thought we were out they pull us back in. gif options So what is it with samgyupsal that resonates with pinoys?

Samgyupsal refers to the pork belly. In Korean it is literally translated as three layer meat, referring to the alternating layers of meat and fat. In coloquial Filipino, samgyupsal has become a much broader term. It often refers to the entire activity itself (“tara samgyup tayo”) or to the collection of the dishes to be served, cooked, and eaten (“bili ka ng pang-samgyup”) which it would usually encompass types of meat (“‘yung may beef or pork lang?”)

In Korea, samgyupsal is considered in Filipino terms as pulutan. It is commonly drank with soju, and in a commercial setting like a restaurant or a smaller eatery. It entered the Philippines similarly, with restaurants popularly offering it in unlimited eat-all-you-can packages as dinnerfare. 

Samgyupsal may have changed its meaning when it came to the Philippines, but some things stay roughly the same.

For both cultures, it is a bonding moment - an event. Literally good food meant to be shared with good friends. Everyone is welcome to cook their meat the way they like it, mix it with the side dishes they want, everyone gets their fill. 

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