It’s Game Time for Kimstore’s 17th Anniversary!

November 30, 2023
It’s Game Time for Kimstore’s 17th Anniversary!
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It’s Game Time for Kimstore’s 17th Anniversary!


Nostalgia: A sentimental yearning for a former place or time

The word stuck out to us when deciding on Kimstore’s 17th anniversary theme. In a strange way, it’s kind of a counter-movement to the fast-paced, forward movements in the world of tech that Kimstore thrived in. But as our Tagalog proverb goes:

“Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan, hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.”

And that’s kind of the theme that unified our very own Kimstore Homecoming party. A celebration of a fantastic year, and a fond look at the past just to see how far we’ve come. We’ve specifically chosen this college/varsity theme to reflect that, as a reminder of that pivotal period where we first spread our wings and became independent.

It’s also the period when the dream that would eventually become Kimstore was planted.

Anniversary Mass

As is Kimstore’s tradition, no celebration is complete without a few moments of reflection and a show of gratitude to God above, just to give thanks for our continued success and growth. We think it’s only fitting as this year is quite triumphant, as evidenced from all the wins we’ve gathered even just for this month.

Game On!

And then the fun begins. Our usual workstations of desks, laptops, and power connectors all take a backseat to make way for a magnetic fishing table, ring toss, electric mazes, shooting ranges, and many more games! A whole carnival in the office, cobbled together from limited resources and limitless imagination by our team members.

Because while it’s always fun to look at the latest and greatest video games, it’s also nice to just physically play games with friends and colleagues. In a way, it fits our retro theme, revisiting some of the toys and games that really shaped our childhoods before the advent of these digital experiences.

A Special Package

Employees also received their own dedicated Kimstore anniversary box, as thanks for their hard work. Of course, this is also centered around our Retro/Nostalgia/Varsity theme. First, our Kimstore water bottle, and there’s even some stickers to go along with it so no two bottles are quite the same.

Then, we’ve got our apparel, namely a custom-fitted Kimstore company shirt which as we know, is standard issue once you’ve been in business for a while. And of course, there’s our Kimstore bag, which should be convenient for carrying all of our personal items like wallets, phones, and accessories.

Oh, and there’s a brick game included with each box. A reminder of where we all began, and some comfort for when we’re feeling nostalgic for the simple times past.

OOTDs and Fun Prizes at Dinner

Fun at Kimstore never stops even as the night grows deeper outside. Come dinnertime, the Kimmunity still has plenty of energy to burn up, especially once delicious food made its way to our tables!

Of course, we started the evening with Ninang Kim’s opening address, proving both words of acknowledgement for the hard work done, as well as plans for both the company and the Kimmunity at large in the coming future.

Once that’s said and done, the fun continues. A few party games were played as well quick raffles for some amazing prices littered in-between. Dinner was also the time to finally flaunt that retro-themed OOTD look each department crafted, with special prizes given to those who rocked their outfits the best!

It’s like our very own mini-runway show!

Cheers to 17 Years! Here’s to more successful years with Kimstore!

The night of November 17th was indeed a very special time of celebration. 17 years in business can truly feel like a very long time but we definitely believe Kimstore has plenty of room to grow still. There’s still plenty of new tech coming out for us to deliver to you at the best prices.

We hope you’ll continue to support and follow us throughout this amazing journey. Here’s to Kimstore’s 17th Anniversary!

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