JBL Soundgear Frames: Fashion Meets Excellent Audio!

July 8, 2024
JBL Soundgear Frames: Fashion Meets Excellent Audio!
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JBL Soundgear Frames: Fashion Meets Excellent Audio!

Combine excellent audio, functionality, and even fashion with JBL’s Soundgear Frames! While the concept of audio sunglasses aren’t anything new, the Soundgear Frames are JBL’s attempt to provide this interesting gadget combination to a more accessible price, all the while retaining all the cool audio tech the company is known for.

Sounds interesting? (Heh…) Well, let’s find out what these audio sunglasses have to offer now that we’ve taken our preliminary look at the JBL Soundgear Frames here at Kimstore!

Trendy, stylish, and modern

The JBL Soundgear Frame adopts a more modern, playful approach to its design, giving you a choice between a round or square frame depending on your preferred style. The glasses themselves are quite thick and big, which we think helps provide a more durable feel to the sunglasses.

The glasses are also IP54 rain-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about sudden downpours. Additionally, all of the electronic elements are located within the arms of these glasses, leaving the actual polycarbonate lenses free. As such, you can work with an optician in order to replace these with prescription lenses if you want to.

But how’s the audio?

The JBL Soundgear Frame uses their thin 25mm x 9mm high-amplitude speakers with JBL’s OpenSound technology, giving you very decent sound for the device it’s in. Do note that the Frame is technically open sound as such, you don’t get the full immersion actual earphones bring. You do get a decent amount of volume (up to 76dB) while also letting you hear your environment well.

We definitely see this as a great option for when you’re exercising during a very sunny day.

Nonetheless, you do enjoy a very competent sound experience. The sound stage sits just a few centimeters above your head. A little odd in our opinion but Dolby Atmos offers good 3D surround sound for a clear and crisp listening experience.

Activating the speakers on the glasses is easy: simply open the temples to turn them on and close to turn them off. Controlling your playback is through touch controls; simply tap on the JBL logo on either temples in order to play, pause, adjust the volume, skip to the next track, or even answer an incoming call. It’s just like most touch-controlled wireless earbuds.

App compatibility and charging

Additionally, you can also control the playback and settings on your JBL Soundgear Frame via the brand’s dedicated JBL Headphones App. From there, you can also customize your sound via the equalizer or even choose from 6 available presets/curves if you just need something quick.

The glasses connect via Bluetooth 5.2 though it’s not multi-point so you need to disconnect it from one device before connecting to another. Additionally, you get approximately 8 hours of play time from its two 55mAh batteries. Charging is done via USB-C, with ten minutes of charging giving you up to 2 hours of playtime.

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Rock On with the JBL Soundgear Frames!

If you’re the type who really likes having your sunnies while going up and about, then the JBL Soundgear Frame makes for a good way to bring your audio too! It’s not going to be as immersive a music experience compared to say, the JBL Soundgear Sense but you do get plenty of style points and environmental awareness with the Soundgear Frame!

The JBL Soundgear Frame is available for PHP 9,499 here at Kimstore! Check it out today for a stylish way to enjoy music on the go!

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