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In partnership with Kazumi | September 12, 2021 | 3 minute read


Our grandparents had it differently. They didn’t have as many conveniences available when they were growing up. Modern appliances and their automatic features are taken for granted these days. During our grandparents’ days, these would have been too expensive and hard to come by. 

But they forged onward, and we’re luckier for it. This Grandparents’ Day, we think it's about time lolo and lola get a try at the perks of the ergonomics, beauty, and functionality of modern appliances. The only problem? There are too many choices!

We’re putting on their shoes by revisiting how appliances were like for them and finding out which appliances you should get for your grandparents and why.


Vacuum Cleaner


A long time ago in a galaxy the same as ours, vacuum cleaners looked like R2D2. Except they weren’t as cute, they were deafening, weighed a ton, and so expensive. They had gotten so expensive it was more common to find vacuum cleaners in the industrial context. The vacuum cleaner was basically a luxury item. 

Fast forward to the new millennium and a new generation of vacuum cleaners have reemerged. More powerful but with better efficiency, quieter, lighter. Lolo and lola have bent their backs with the walis tambo. 

It’s time to reintroduce our grandparents to the modern vacuum cleaner. With Kazumi’s lightweight vacuum cleaners like the Kazumi KZ22 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner and the Kazumi Wireless Portable Vacuum Cleaner, lolo and lola might find it surprising that they don’t have to break their backs. 


Clothes Steamer


Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon? Have you ever seen a lolo or a lola go out in public with unironed clothes? It’s super rare. Grandparents come from a time when looking  professional and presentable was non-negotiable. In fact, the popular option during their heyday was starching or what we know as gawgaw or almirol to get clothes crisp and non-wrinkled.

The other option, ironing, carried the risk of getting burned clothes and couldn’t be used with more delicate garments. Not to mention, older users often complain about pasma when using clothes irons.

Help lolo and lola carry their style to the digital age with Kazumi garment steamers. Kazumi KZ80 Handheld Garment Steamer. Let your grandparents flex on everyone else for a change. Go ahead, dress up, and enjoy an instagram session. You’ll see style gets passed on, too.


Microwave Oven


Classic microwaves don’t stand a chance against their modern counterparts. Modern microwave ovens are more energy efficient and are built with new standards for better protection from radiation. They also have more controls which could be very overwhelming to our elders.

Older microwaves are another example of appliances that used to weigh a ton. Since they used microwave radiation to cook food, it became an urban legend that microwave radiation stayed on the food and eating it would cause diseases like cancer. 

This Grandparent’s Day, why not get the Kazumi 20L Microwave Oven. True to the Kazumi design philosophy of combining beauty and function. It brings together the features of modern microwave ovens with the simplicity of the classics. 


Beautiful Harmony

The Japanese word Kazumi means peace, beauty, and harmony. And just like in Japanese culture and Asian culture in general, grandparents are revered and respected. Take the time to give more stock to Grandparents’ Day. Make the best of your time with them. 

The Kazumi design philosophy is dedicated to combining beauty of form and function. Choose the best partner in building your dream kitchen. Follow Kazumi Appliances on Facebook and Instagram. Genuine Kazumi products are available on Shopee, Lazada, or

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