Productivity Laptops Under P20,000? BMAX says YES

Imagine a performance laptop. You’ll probably think of RGB lights, looks like it was modeled after a Decepticon, and a super steep price. But, not everyone games or makes 4K Same Day Edits. Sometimes you just need a laptop that helps you work from home or study well for online classes.

We found the goldilocks laptops on the new arrivals from BMAX. Not suspiciously cheap but not too expensive either. These are the laptops that are just right, help you do your job or help you finish the school year and keep on chugging in the years to come.

4K videos can put high-end laptops through their paces. The fact that the BMAX S13 lets you watch 4K videos easily is a testament to its build. Make full use of its 13.3 inch IPS screen free from stutters. The BMAX S13 is Powered by an Intel Celeron N4020 with 6GB of RAM and 256GB internal storage with a large touchpad if youre not too keen on using external peripherals.



For people who need a little bit more oomph, The BMAX X15 is powered by an Intel 9th Gen Gemini Lake processor and 8GB of RAM that’s perfect for office, web, and multimedia work. If you do a lot of work with numbers, you’ll be happy to know that the X15 has a full-sized keyboard and numpad. Along with the full-sized keyboard is the 15.6 inch IPS screen.

Both have IPS displays which provide more colors and better color accuracy than LED displays. That combined with the 4K video capabilities of the S13 is a surefire pleasurable viewing experience not just when you’re watching movies. Spreadsheets, word documents, or multimedia presentations, these BMAX laptops will see you through.

The BMAX S13 and BMAX X15 are also equipped with solid-state drives that improve overall performance, give faster drive access, and faster boot ups. Both models are promising and it's exciting to see what’s next for these laptops. There’s no doubt the S13 and X15 will be perfect for your home office or study nook.

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