Turn Old Gadgets into CASH

Electronic waste is at an all time high and is contributing to an ecological crisis. Millions of tons of e-waste are dumped into landfills worldwide each year, turning soil and water toxic. Fortunately, a better option exists!


The InstaCash app helps you free yourself from old smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches safely and hasslefree while you get cash back! It's finally time to get that pile of old phones and tablets you stored “just in case you need them again”. They are quickly losing value and could be costing you that next upgrade you’re saving up for.


Selling your gadgets can be as easy as pie. Download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store and sign up for an account. Right away, the app will ask you to select the phone you want to sell from a wide range of brands to instantly give you a quote.


The folks at InstaCash make trade-ins easy and give you a fair price for your used phone or tablet. Not to mention, starting <DATE> you’ll also get vouchers you can use at Kimstore.


Sell an old phone and go for the iPhone 14


Get a more detailed diagnosis through the app and on your own time and maybe you can land a better price. Once you've decided, a rider will pick up the package and a data privacy officer will factory reset your device to wipe any info. You'll be entirely protected with no need to worry about compromising your private information.


An InstaCash representative will have your payment sent real-time via local banks, or through e-wallets like GCash and PayMaya. Download the instacash app and turn your old gadgets into cash now!


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