Your Road to Independence Kit from Kimstore

August 31, 2022
Your Road to Independence Kit from Kimstore
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We are giving kudos to the peeps who are trying to strike it out on their own. Whether you're one of the younger millennials, Gen Z’ers entering adult life, or just looking for Space saving Home appliances Kimstore has your back. Here are 5 essential items to start your road to independence.


KAZUMI KZ80 Handheld Garment Steamer and KZ90 Garment Steamer


Fashionista or not, it always pays off to look presentable, especially for young professionals. I was always told that clothes are an investment. If you're a bit hesitant to run your hard-earned clothes through a piece of hot iron, I feel you!


The KAZUMI KZ80 is perfect for personal use. But if you're willing to share with roommates, the KAZUMI KZ90 can handle bigger loads with 1000w more power. Garment steamers are gentle on all kinds of fabrics so you don't have to worry about burning your clothes.

Whoever invented the garment steamer is a hero.


Smartcook SM1220 7L Electric Oven Toaster


You are starting out on your own so you better be taking care of yourself! After a hard day of work, you deserve a warm meal. The Smartcook SM1220 7L Electric Oven Toaster could be your new best friend.


No need to be a kitchen whiz! Pop in your meal, wait, and enjoy a hot meal or a warm merienda.


If you are more advanced on the kitchen side of things, you’ll enjoy the Adjustable temperature control that can only usually be found on higher end ovens.

Smartcook SM1054 Multifunctional Cooker


Don't judge this one by its looks. It may look cute, but it's a beast in functionality. The Smartcook SM1054 Multifunctional Cooker will cook not just rice, but soups, stews, or even cakes! You read that right. This pastel-colored monster can make a cake.


If you're living in a dorm and the rice cooker is THE only kitchen appliance allowed, I know you've tried cooking other things in that rice cooker. I know you folded a piece of paper *just right* to keep the rice cooker in cook mode. I’m sorry, but the days of your rice cooker are numbered. Luckily for you, the Smartcook SM1054 Multifunctional Cooker is built for actually cooking things other than rice.


KAZUMI KZ302 Double Burner Gas stove


Now, somehow, the least hi-tech of the appliances in this list feels like the big-hitter. You are looking at a double burner gas stove. No bells and whistles, just a good old stove made with quality materials. That’s old school.


The KAZUMI KZ302 Double Burner Gas stove is just like the one you had at home growing up but made better. On other burner stoves, the ignition and the trivet (which catches a lot of oil and grime) are always the first to give out. The Kazumi’s copper ignition has a better lifespan than the usual zinc ignitions on other stoves. The coated trivet means it's easier to clean and will last longer, too.


When I told you Kimstore has your back, I meant it. Ninang Kim has warranties for all the items on this list.


If you're looking for other home gadgets you can blame on Kimstore budol, check out our Stay at home starter pack. You can also stay updated on the latest deals and discounts by following us on Facebook and Instagram.


Happy Independence Day and we hope YOU are on your way to independence too!


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