Building Homes, Celebrating Achievements

Social media can be toxic, but there is hope! Small communities have formed on Facebook welcoming homemakers to share and celebrate small achievements and milestones. In a bizarre turn of events, it may be leading to a moment of historical significance.

It's no secret that many problems have stemmed from social media. That’s why seeing supportive communities right now is so refreshing!

More importantly, we are seeing our notion of home kitchens evolve right before our eyes. Imagine the transition from coal to gas stoves, or from ice boxes to refrigeration. These were gradual changes to the kitchen but had long lasting and significant changes to lifestyles. It also ushered in the idea of the modern urban home to Filipinos.

The same thing is happening now. One of the earliest things that saw traction in these groups is the air fryer. Social media made it so popular and turned the air fryer from fad to kitchen essential.

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How did it happen? Filipino kitchens are heavily influenced by American home design. Except it was missing one thing: the oven. The oven did not take off as a staple of Filipino kitchens. They were usually too large, were perceived to use too much gas or electricity, and too expensive. The air fryer solves all those issues. In terms of usage, it provides a middle ground between the oven and stove

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