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Give an Old Phone a 2nd Chance

by Kimstore Enterprise 20 Oct 2021

In partnership with Jaguar Elecdtronics | October 20, 2021 | 2 minute read

The sheer variety of phone features will be more than enough to keep you second guessing. No matter how good they look on paper, you’ll need battery power to keep it going. That's why our friends at Jaguar Electronics recently asked “are powerbanks a must have?” and we picked out your stand out answers!

Some of us are just plain homebodies like @mikaseven.pillow who says, “Yesss kahit di ka lumalabas ng bahay. Pwede siya gamitin pag malayo yung plug mo sa kama”. Do you stay glued to your phone for Netflix, Youtube, and social media? These apps drain a lot of power and we can see how a powerbank still gets used even at home.

@belrosena_ seems uses her phone for fun and serious matters. She says, “YES!! For non-stop kulitan, scrolling and fun. AND FOR EMERGENCY PURPOSES HEHE”. @senior_enrique says the same with “Totally is, for emergencies and stuff”.

For heavy phone use, you need powerbanks that pack a punch like the Jaguar 10050mAh Powerbank and Jaguar Orion. Both carry at least 10,000mAh of power which would easily give the average phone a full battery with extra left to spare. The Jaguar 10050mAh Powerbank has built-in LED lights that double as a flashlight while the Jaguar Orion comes with a built-in charging cable so you don’t have to lug one around.

Need a new charging or data cable for your phone? Jaguar Electronics has you covered

One of the best answers comes from @miktots who says “Yes. with an old phone with a dying battery, totally need my power bank with me whenever i go out”. We all know someone with a phone like this!

Meanwhile, @cmyaneza is always ready, “YES. Very convenient since you can always have it with you. I always bring one wherever.”. Going out with a powerbank doesn’t have to feel like a gym activity. The Jaguar Wallet Series weighs in at a light 112g but packs a punch with 5000mAh.

Phone batteries are getting smaller while processors are getting more power-hungry. Most phones don’t have easily replaceable batteries as well, requiring you to take a trip to a repair center! Why do you think powerbanks are a must have? Let us know! Post your powerbank story on social media and dont’ forget to follow and tag Jaguar Electronics on Facebook and Instagram.

Be ready for whatever. Get guaranteed authentic Jaguar powerbanks and batteries at Shopee, Lazada, or at

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