Kimstore Tech News Roundup July 2021

Mobile AND Portable!

Starting September 30, mobile phone users will be able to switch telecom providers and still keep their current phone number for free!

Telecom players DITO, Globe, and Smart formed Telecommunications Connectivity Inc. (TCI) in accordance with Republic Act No. 11202, also known as the Mobile Number Portability Act.

Aside from switching service providers, users can also switch from postpaid to prepaid or vice versa.

The free service does have a few requirements like no existing balance for postpaid users, no court prohibitions, no pending transfers of ownership, and of course you have to own the SIM card of the number.

It looks easy on paper but we still have to see it in practice. TCI is expecting a flood of requests so backlogs are already expected.

Here Comes a New Challenger?


Nintendo announced the new version of the Switch this month and is expected to ship out in October.

The New Switch OLED version boasts a bigger screen than the previous models, 64 gigabytes of storage, Built-in wired LAN port, sound upgrades, and smaller upgrades here and there. Lots of fans were left disappointed especially after months of rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro.

To make things worse for Nintendo, Valve announced the Steam Deck, a handheld console which according to Valve can play any game in the Steam catalog.

The Steam Deck runs on SteamOS, which basically makes it a handheld PC.

Commercial availability for the Switch OLED or the Steam Deck in the Philippines is yet to be announced.


Quick News in the Tech and Innovation Scene

The Department of Science and Technology has extended the submissions for proposals for the Young Innovations Program to August 6. Anyone under 30 who has a promising, innovative, and viral research idea in line with the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development’s priority areas can get the chance for a 1-million Peso grant.

  • The Philippine Stock Exchange has revealed its intentions to become the country’s primary trading platform for cryptocurrency once regulatory bodies allow it.

  • Canon Philippines revealed an all-male line up of brand ambassadors which drew criticism for being non-inclusive.

  • Japan breaks the internet speed record with a 319 Terabits per second of data transfer.

  • Voting Registration ends in 2 months, September 2021 so register now.

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