Kimstore Tech News Roundup Sep 2021

Everyone made big announcements this September to make sure they're on your Christmas list. Let’s check out the news from the biggest manufacturers to the biggest names in video games for Kimstore’s Tech News Roundup for September.


California Streaming

The biggest news of September is Apple's new releases. Apple CEO Tim Cook led the announcement of the new line of iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and more. Among the tech giant’s reveals were the new Cinematic Mode for the iPhones and Center Stage for the new iPad and iPad mini.


Cinematic mode was created from an algorithm after analysing the choices made by acclaimed directors of photography. The algorithm, combined with the iPhone camera hardware, means automatic focus racking based on the action happening on the shot, among many others. Meanwhile Center Stage, a feature from the last iteration of the iPad Pro will now be available for the new iPad and iPad mini. Center Stage uses the front-facing 12mp wide angle camera to automatically adjust, zoom in or out, and focus on the user or users as they move.


If you want to know more, go check out our summary for California Streaming.



It looks like it will be a good rest of the year for Apple as Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso bagged 7 wins at the Emmys after getting a whopping 20 nominations. Jason Sudeikis won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for playing the titular football coach. Meanwhile, Hannah Waddingham, famous for being the Shame! lady in Game of Thrones won Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series and Brett Goldstein won Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. The show won Outstanding Comedy Series, check it out, you won’t regret it.



Philippine eSports took some painful hits this September. Valorant dev Riot Games failed to secure VISAs for the members of the country’s very own Bren eSports. The team was the number 1 seed in the Southeast Asian region coming into Valorant Champions Tour: Stage 3 Masters in Germany.


Riot said they worked closely with both the Philippine and German governments to secure visas but ultimately failed. Riot Games announced that they would proceed with 15 teams for the Masters and awarded Bren with 175 VCT points and the associated prize for qualifying for Berlin.


And if you didn’t know yet, valorant is a competitive character-based tactical first person shooter with two teams of five.


Quick news
  • Sony revealed the big titles for the PS5 so if you haven't watched or checked the news on the Playstation 5, SPOILERS AHEAD! Sony announced the awaited sequels to the refreshed God of War franchise and to the critically acclaimed Spider-man and Spider-man: Miles Morales. The new Spider-man trailer revealed Peter Parker and Miles Morales teaming up and teased classic sometimes-villain, sometimes anti-hero Venom. Insomniac Games, developer of said Spidey games, also teased a new Wolverine game but no other details yet.
  • In other Sony news, PS5 shortages can be expected to last until after the 2021 holiday season. But its not just PS5s. The global semiconductor shortage of course, caused by the pandemic, disrupted supply chains affecting not just consoles like the Playstation, but all industries related to consumer electronics. Supplies are not expected to return to normal until 2022. However, an analyst firm expects that in 2023, there will be oversupply instead.
  • The Philippine DOTA community mourned the loss of Aldrin 'Dunoo' Pangan after the shoutcaster was lost to the COVID virus. Dunoo, together with Marlon ‘Lon’ Marcelo, were the iconic duo who commentated DOTA matches for Philippine audiences for years and in 2016 cemented their place in Philippine AND international eSports history when they shoutcasted TNC’s 2016 match against team OG. The classic match gave birth to “Lakad matatag!” and more soundbites which would reverberate all over the world of DOTA and gaming. The soundbite even got a shoutout from Valve’s Gabe Newell.


That's it for our roundup this September. Stay safe, get vaccinated, and lakad matatag! 


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