You are right on time for iOS 16
Get in on iOS 16 without hurting the wallet. The iOS16 update will still include the iPhone 11, now on special offer at! Here are some of the highlights of the upcoming iOS 16 and more on iPhone 11 deals you can take advantage of.
Upgrading to a phone from 2019!?
Can you really upgrade to a phone from 2019? Let’s find out for the thrifty, financially-responsible, once-in-a-blue-moon upgrader looking for a trusty and reliable daily driver.
1 Simple Trick to Make Your Phone Faster
Have you tried this one simple trick to make android phones faster with no upgrades, no updates, and no cost?
Get 3 Months of Free Spotify
Spotify Wrapped was released yesterday and everybody is posting their results. Start your road to a better 2022 Spotify Wrapped by getting 3 months of Spotify premium for FREE!
Unboxing the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro
Kimstore unboxed the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro with content creator Jae Miranda and Mitchell Chavez from Iridium last Friday. In case you weren’t able to watch it, here’s a recap of what you’ll get with the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.
What is going on with Netflix and Apple?
Netflix and Apple have been rumored to enter gaming!? Thinking out of the box is part of the tech industry and it leads to some weird stuff.
Smart is offering Free Apple Music for 6 months
Smart is offering 6 months of Free Apple Music exclusively for Smart Subscribers. Check out how here.
Kimstore Tech News Roundup Sep 2021
Everyone made big announcements this September to make sure they're on your Christmas list. Let’s check out the news from the biggest manufacturers to the biggest names in video games for Kimstore’s Tech News Roundup for September.
California Streaming in a Nutshell
Siri, can you tell us the latest on Apple news? Get the quick rundown on Apple’s latest announcement tagged California Streaming.

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