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New Apple Pencil, Priced in the Philippines

by Kimstore Customer Care 24 Oct 2023

New Apple Pencil, Priced in the Philippines 

Apple has debuted a new Apple Pencil in the lineup. But now, this new Apple Pencil is touting a USB Type-C connector, similar to the new iPhone 15 lineup! But apart from that, is there anything here that makes it the best option compared to the previous Apple Pencils? Well, let’s find out:

USB Type-C Apple Pencil Specs:

The new Apple Pencil functions similarly to the 1st and 2nd generation pencils. As such, you get the same level of precision, low-latency operation, and even tilt sensitivity. 

Of course, it also supports Apple Pencil hover when used with an iPad Pro, letting you preview the mark you’re about to make before you even start drawing. And yes, the Pencil also attaches magnetically to the side of your iPad for portability as well as convenience.

When you need to charge the Apple Pencil, you simply slide out the cap in order to reveal the Type-C charging port. This should help keep the port clean and safe when not in use.

Of course, the Apple Pencil is best paired with a good iPad to get the full use out of it. Check out the M1 iPad Pro at a more affordable price here!

The definitive Apple Pencil?

So far, so good. The new Apple Pencil shares the same features as the previous models while getting the new charging port, making it the definitive Apple Pencil to get right? Well, not quite.

For one, it lacks wireless charging so you’ll still have to connect a cable between your iPad and Pencil if you want it to charge or pair it with your tablet, which is something the 2nd Generation Apple Pencil does with ease.

It also doesn’t have pressure sensitivity controls which are helpful in deepening or thinning down your line work. Nor does it have the ability to double-tap and switch up your tools with ease. Artists may still prefer the 2nd Generation pencil because of this, with the Type-C version being the best choice for professionals who only need it for note-taking.

Apple Pencil price in the Philippines

Fortunately, the USB Type-C Apple Pencil will be coming in at a cheaper price of PHP4,990 here in the Philippines and should be available sometime in November. For now, you can order the 2nd Generation Apple Pencil here at Kimstore!

For gadgets and electronics, get it at Kimstore!

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