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The Everyday Item Germ Count

by Kimstore Enterprise 18 Sep 2021

In partnership with Jaguar Electronics | September 18, 2021 | 3 minute read


Germs are everywhere! But there’s no reason to panic, that’s where they’ve always been.

In proper amounts, they help your body improve your immune system and fun fact: some scientists believe that kissing helped spread just enough germs to build immunity all the way back to cavemen!


But with the pandemic going on and grim outlooks for future diseases, it's very hard to take risks. We might all need to take the opposite approach moving forward starting with inane everyday items that you wouldn’t expect.


Here’s a list of everyday items that you touch multiple times a day, and what you can do to keep yourself protected.


#1 Your Phone

One of the most used advice to stop the spread of germs is to stop touching your face. We touch our faces so much and the fact that we don't realize it as much says why we get sick without knowing where it came from.


Phones have become so integrated in our lives that a similar realization has to be made. Users spend at least 145 minutes a day on the phone and it has 7 to 10 times more bacteria than toilet seats. We both touch them and put them to our faces so imagine if other people use your phone too, which isn’t such a wild thought.


#2 Utensils

Your spoon and fork are also very notorious germ carriers. Not only do we touch them, it makes contact with our food, and we put them in our mouths. It's easy to guess why it's the first to be separated once someone is contagious.


#3 Pen

You’d think pens wouldn’t be as filled with germs since paper is being used less. Pens have around 200 bacteria per square inch on it. Like phones and utensils, pens are also known to carry E. coli which comes from feces. Think about that the next time someone bites a pen.


#4 Toothbrush

By now, you should know not to store your toothbrush near the toilet. There are as many as 1.2 million bacteria on a single toothbrush. Why so dirty you wonder?


Sure, you rinse your toothbrush after using it but it's the after that matters according to experts. Toothbrushes are stored while still wet, and if you do leave it in the bathroom, is left in a moist and humid environment making it perfect for bacteria. The moisture in the bristles also makes it attractive for airborne particles. You know what else is in the air when you flush a toilet?


#5 Jewelry

Earrings, rings, bracelets, and other types of jewelry are very susceptible to germs too. They are worn almost everyday and everywhere, usually stored in the same place making germs compound on each other, and have very tiny nooks perfect for bacteria.


Some rings were found to have up to 175,000 bacteria colonies. The good news is that some metals used for jewelry are innately antibacterial, like silver and copper.


What You Can Do

There are many ways to disinfect these things like isopropyl alcohol, diluted mixtures of bleach, or maybe you even use a more natural approach like vinegar mixtures.


There are pros and cons to these different methods. Among these three, one or two will usually leave a scent, residue, and react negatively to the materials. Vinegar famously leaves and builds a patina on metal while bleach degrades plastic and rubber compounds.


Another option is ultraviolet light. UVC light is very fatal to bacteria and viruses but isn’t as dangerous to humans. Small everyday items like phones, toothbrushes, and more fit perfectly in the Jaguar Electronics All-Purpose UV Sterilizer Box or Jaguar UVC Toothbrush Sterilizer. Everything sterilized by UVC light has no residue, no lingering smell, and will be ready for use immediately.


Be ready for whatever. Follow Jaguar Electronics on Facebook and Instagram. Get guaranteed authentic Jaguar powerbanks and batteries at Shopee, Lazada, or at

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