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Tips for a Better Online School Year

by Kimstore Enterprise 01 Jul 2021

We are locked in for another school year of online classes. Although only a handful of schools are currently allowed to hold occasional face-to-face classes, government regulations currently restrict them to blended learning. The rest of the school-going masses, meanwhile, will still be looking at screens.

Last year, the start of online schooling exposed holes in the education system and telecommunications services. Schools were scrambling to justify the costs of their tuition fees while stressing over a predicted decrease in enrollees. Internet providers got hit for spotty service and most of all, the expensive cost of data compared to other countries.

Students weren’t the only ones struggling. Many teachers were not equipped for the transition to online learning. Parents, especially full-time working ones, had to adjust their professional setups and deal with their children’s new requirements.


With another school year of online classes coming up, we are set to see the same problems pop up again. Here are a few tips to make the school year of remote learning better.


Use Natural Sunlight

The morning sun isn't just for babies! Natural light helps the body get into gear. It signals the body to release serotonin which is a mood-boosting hormone and helps the mind focus.

Studying near a source of sunlight will also encourage the skin process Vitamin D for healthy bones. You can stream that new Lorde song for clear skin all you want, but we’re sure studying near sunlight we’ll help you get healthier bones.


Set Boundaries

Here’s something for students and for telecommuters. The work and study from home setting blurred the lines between the student/professional and the personal. If you’ve felt unproductive but tired, it's usually because the two things are getting too muddled up. Redrawing the lines will be up to you.

Set boundaries so you can switch between school and work-you from home-you. Once you're off the clock, keep work and school things out of sight. Focus on accomplishing the tasks you set for yourself whether it's cooking up a nice dinner or enjoying that new series you’ve been waiting for.


Finding The Right Equipment For You

The right tools are always needed for the right job. The old-school mentality of “nasa gumagamit ‘yan” has merit of course, but you can’t produce RAM or processing power out of sheer willpower.

Don't make it frustrating for yourself. Check out Kimstore’s Back to School bundles and find the equipment that you need that’s within your budget. There are so many options now. From different brands to different interfaces. Do you prefer to go the desktop route or maybe you’re more productive on-the-go with a tablet?


Pen and paper

Never be afraid to go back to the good old pen and paper! Research suggests that manual note taking helps with memory retention. Sure, typing is faster but manual writing helps the brain digest information better. The brain gets a better grip on the info while the physical motion of writing reinforces the memory.

The added bonus is the mildly satisfying ASMR of a good pen going through paper. There's a reason why there's a market for good quality pens, but we don’t need to get into that right now.


Those are our tips for a better online school year. Check out the Kimstore’s Back to School Bundles for more deals.


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