Upgrading the Staycation

In partnership with Smartcook | September 25, 2021 | 3 minute read


Cooking is just plain fun. It doesn't have to be the moving-around-and-being-active kind of fun. It can also be the leaning-back-and-having-a-drink-while-waiting-for-things-to-finish kind of fun.


Like a day at the beach, you can get your best floral shirt, chill out, and let the world move around you. To make it all better, you can enjoy it at home with food of your choice.


We’ve got the recipe for a great staycation at home. Like any good recipe it's simple, easy to do, and all yours to customize. Here are our three tips to upgrade your staycation.


#1 Get into the relaxed mindset

Numero uno starts deep within yourself. You can't go on holiday if you're still thinking about work. That becomes more important when it comes to staycations. Being at home means you're still close to the stresses of everyday life. So get into the relaxed mindset. Hide stressors away. turn off your work phone. Out of sight, out of mind!


#2 Variety is the spice of life

With your staycation, the itinerary will be up to you. Ask a professional chef what they cook at home and it's usually a simple meal. A no-fuss dish they could whip up with what little time and energy they would have left for themselves. Compare that to a home cook who can suffer from their own success, trying to outdo themselves at each project. Take a step back and reflect on ‘less is more’. Don't feel pressured to achieve something. Your staycation is the time to do less.


#3 Take a backseat

Aside from the activity list, you’ll also be in charge of the menu. Following tip number 2, don’t feel like you have to over-achieve. The goal is relaxation. Go for easy recipes that you can just set and forget. Avoid big servings and be like Pikachu: go pika-pika. Enjoy your food in small amounts to prevent sluggishness (you still want to feel good and fresh when it's over!). You’ll also end up with less leftovers. Cooking smaller portions will help everyone stay healthier and ensure everything you serve is fresh!



Easy doesn't mean bad. Easy could be taking marinated meat and putting them in the air fryer. Want to go for something lighter? Try fresh veggies tossed in salt and a bit of olive oil for lightly roasted, snappy, and still nutritious veggies.


It’s easy to upgrade your staycation with a Smartcook Airfryer. Smartcook Airfryers let you adjust time and temperature manually so you can set it and lean back. It will automatically shut itself off in case of overheating keeping your food and your kitchen safe.


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