What is going on with Netflix and Apple?

Thinking out of the box is part of the tech industry and it leads to some weird stuff. Both Netflix and Apple have been rumored to enter and invest more in gaming. Apple is reportedly getting ready to compete in the handheld console category while Netflix is dipping their toes back into their Bandersnatch pool.

We expect a lot of people to find Apple and the gaming industry a new mix, but is it really? We’ll answer that for you, no, not really. Halo, the now classic Microsoft Xbox game, was originally introduced as an Apple game by none other than Steve Jobs. If you still find it weird that Apple is working on things other than phones, computers, and tablets, then we’d like to introduce you to the Apple car.

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Meanwhile, video streaming giant Netflix said in a shareholder letter that they’re “...in the early stages of further expanding into games”. Netflix’s first foray into gaming was with an episode of Black Mirror. The episode called Bandersnatch introduced a choose your own adventure mechanic to the viewer, letting them explore different story branches through character decisions..

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