Winamp is BACK!

Everyone's early 2000s music player is back! The iconic black and neon green media player was released in 1997 and still has 80 million active users today. Now, it's back but not in the way you might expect.

Winamp was the staple music player for a lot of early PC users. it was extremely customizable from equalization to all the way to its looks. most of all, it was free!

It welcomed feedback from its community which resulted in countless skins and themes.

You can still enjoy classic Winamp while working or studying with the BMAX X15

Winamp now announced its return, this time as a social network and platform for artists and fans. The new Winamp promises to connect creators and audiences closer, catering to musicians, podcasters, and radio stations.

The new Winamp is still in beta phase but the question is: will it pose a competition for giants like Spotify? Will it come close to the impact of Soundcloud?

Other music platforms have been criticized for not giving artists a better share of the profits. Winamp says it will help creators “earn a fairer income from doing what you love”. We’ll wait and see and hope for the best.

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