You are right on time for iOS 16

You are right on time for iOS 16! iOS 16 enhances the iPhone with all‑new personalization features, deeper AI, and seamless ways to communicate and share. The good news doesn’t end there, iOS 16 won’t be exclusive to new models of the iPhones! 

Get in on iOS 16 without hurting the wallet. The iOS16 update will still include the iPhone SE 2nd Gen and onwards including iPhone 11, now on special offer at! Here are some of the highlights of the upcoming iOS 16 and more on iPhone 11 deals you can take advantage of.

Personalized Lock Screen

We are inseparable from phones now. Imagine a life without your smartphone and you’ll find it very different from the life you have now. 

The average user will check their phone multiple times in an hour, even just to check updates on recent activities. With iOS 16’s personalized lock screens, you can get all the info you need in just one glance. Showcase favorite photos, customize font styles, and choose your widgets, track on-going app activities, and get notifications from the apps that matter.

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Never worry about your phone going off at the wrong time, or your phone becoming a temptation for distraction. With Focus, you choose which apps and people you’ll hear from at specific times. 

Logging in to the office? Set up Work Focus to get notifications from work- and productivity-related apps only. Heading home after a hard day’s work? switch to your personal focus with just a swipe. Get more out of your day by streamlining focus to specific activities. 

Share with iCloud

When it comes to mobile devices, iPhones have consistently taken the cake when it comes to photography and videography. Don’t be afraid of sharing your photos to people you trust. Upload photos from your camera roll to the iCloud Shared Photo Library so you can share your photos privately with friends and family. as a shared photo library, everyone can add, edit, and delete photos. For the organizational types, everyone in the library can also sort photos and add keywords for easier searching. 

Edit and Unsend messages

We know what you're thinking, how is this just a feature now? After millions of misspelled texts and countless memes about getting into trouble for autocorrected words? 

With edit and unsend you’ll be able to take back that email to attach that file you forgot within 10 seconds of pressing send. Users will now be able to edit messages 15 minutes after sending or unsend within 2 minutes.

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