1 Simple Trick to Make Your Phone Faster

CNET.com recently shared 1 simple trick to make android phones faster with no upgrades, no updates, and no cost. It’s applicable on all Android phones and aside from making your phone browsing faster, it will also free up storage space!

People are spending more and more time on their phones but less on phone maintenance. Whatever web browser youre using on android, by simply clearing your cookies, you can make mobile browsing faster.

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If you want to go a little bit deeper, you’ll also see that one more major thing taking up space are app caches. You can clear that too but be careful! Clearing the cache can sometimes log you out of websites so take note of your passwords first to not lose anything important. Clearing the cache is also applicable on other apps but be careful when doing it on games or you might lose your progress!

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Remember that regular phone maintenance is an easy way of extending a phone’s lifespan and making it feel brand new. Just remember to back up important info like contact details, important photos and videos, passwords, and other personal documents you might have on your phone.

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