California Streaming in a Nutshell

Tim Cook led Apple’s September product launch which should help Apple fans makes better decisions for holiday shopping.


The almost hour and half presentation covered Apple's newest offerings and what to expect in the near future. Cant watch? Here's a rundown of the latest from the tech giant.


iPad and iPad mini: Creativity Boosters

The iPad and iPad mini were the first to be revealed and started off with the A13 Bionic processor. The new chip promises to be 3 times faster than the top-selling Chromebook and 6 times faster than the top-selling android tablet.



The popular highlight for the iPad reveal was the Center Stage feature which uses the iPad and iPad mini’s front facing 12mp wide angle camera to automatically adjust, zoom in or out, and focus on the user or users as they move. It will be perfect for remote presentations and educational purposes.


Apple Watch Series 7: Push the Limit

Wearable tech may have been thought of as a fad a few years ago, but here we are in the present with the Apple Watch Series 7 on the way before the end of the year.


From the presentation of the Apple Watch Series 7, it's very much intended for an active lifestyle. Featuring better battery life, durability upgrades, and more. Of course, Apple isn’t one to shy away from style and revealed partnerships for official custom bands and watchfaces.



The Apple Watch is the perfect companion item for maximizing functionality and very indispensable if you’re very deep into the Apple ecosystem. The Philippines has yet to be added to Apple Fitness+’s international availability.


The New iPhones: Detail and Immersion

The A15 Bionic chip may have been leaked ahead of time but it didn’t stop from impressing. The new iPhones come with the new chip which features the similar tech that makes the M1 processors stand out.


The new Cinematic Mode will surely be a hit with vloggers. Apple boasts the new feature comes from an algorithm made from studying the creative choices of the best Directors of Photography.

The camera remains one of the iPhone’s advantages over leading android phones. Sure, a lot of android phones can shoot in 4K, but it won’t matter because many of them don’t have the processor and stabilization the iPhone provides.


Apple makes up for the iPhone 12’s weakness: the battery. The new battery life promises 1.5 hours more for the mini, and 2.5 hours more for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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