Fight Credit Card Fraud!

Kimstore only sells original and authentic items and has been fighting scammers since 2006. Don’t let them ruin your shopping experience!

Stay safe while shopping this holiday season. Here are some things to watch out for and a checklist of our official channels!

Social Engineering and Phishing

Social engineering is how suspicious people target your personal information and other details that can help with assuming a stolen identity. Local examples include budol-budol gang, and the hypnosis crime trend in the 90s and 00s. Scammers use in-person interaction and social tricks to trip up security measures and disclose sensitive information.

Although precautionary measures and security software and protocols can help stop phishing, the best defense against it and social engineering is awareness. 

Fake Accounts

Here's something we’ve all encountered on social media at one point or another. Businesses, private people, anyone can be impersonated on social media and other platforms. Misinformation usually follows shortly. 

Spoofed Text Messages

Ever wonder why you’re getting suspicious text messages but the sender is listed as a company you trust? Scammers have found ways to masquerade as a trusted source instead of unknown numbers.

Hopefully, the SIM Registration Law accomplishes its mission in curbing and possibly eliminating scams through SMS.

Stay Alert!

There are more scams to look out for so keep your eyes and ears peeled! will NOT initiate calls, SMS, emails, or chats to ask for your account details. If you receive a call, email, or SMS from an unknown and unverified source: Be alert and do not believe everything you are told. Do not give your email address, mobile number, passwords, or Card Verification Value (CVV), the 3-digit code found at the back of your card, and other confidential information.

Online Shopping safety has always been a priority at it should always be your priority too! Kimstore staff or representatives will not ask for your password or bank account information. You shoudnt share it with anyone either!

Beware of Fraud Accounts and Use Trusted Payment Methods

Finish your transaction by using the chosen payment method upon secure checkout. Do not accept payment options provided anywhere else.

Our authorized Kimstore Payment Methods for Credit Card: PayMaya, Paymongo

For installment: Billease, Tendopay, Plentina, Atome

For Online Payment and Bank Transfers: GCash, Metrobank (072-707251809-4), BDO (00045022-7200), Unionbank (0000-1012-1821), PNB (163270000898), and Dragonpay.

Order only from official Kimstore shops 

Official Kimstore social media accounts 

You may also contact and inquire through our official Viber and WhatsApp at +63 917 503 8887

Don’t accept any messages claiming they are ‘Kim Lato’, ‘Ninang Kim’, or from any other account claiming they are a representative of Kimstore. 

To keep your personal info secure, use your personal account only when ordering items. 

No one else is authorized to place an order on your behalf. For assistance on orders, contact:

Got a shady text or email? Report it to our official Kimstore hotlines right away: Globe: +63 917 503 8887,  Smart: +63 908 886 9799,  Sun: +63 922 8859 799 or send a report via HERE

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