Upgrading to a phone from 2019!?

Not everyone upgrades to the newest phone as soon as they come out. We bet your social media is filled with motivational stories of multi-millionaires and visionaries who (surprise!) still have an old phone! How are these tycoons running their business empires without the latest phones?


We’re not here to talk you up with LinkedIn motivational quotes and we won’t talk you out of the latest iPhone 13. But for the thrifty, financially-responsible, once-in-a-blue-moon upgrader, we know well enough that the Php16,000 difference can be the decider.


Can you really upgrade to a phone from 2019? Clearly, something is going on if the iPhone 11 can still be a coveted daily driver. Will it be the definition of a sleeper even a few years from now?


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Like any of its predecessors and successors, iPhone 11 is built for longevity. Starting with the A13 Bionic chip can still keep up with the latest. Apple’s SoC still packs a punch with its 6‑core CPU with 2 performance and 4 efficiency cores. A consistent theme with the iPhone 11 is quality over quantity (as you’ll see later). The hexa-core CPU is made to be more powerful and more efficient than modern octa-core chips.


A13 Bionic’s features are packed in like sardines. Aside from the CPU, you also get an 8-core Neural Engine with machine learning to optimize energy consumption and boost performance.

It doesn’t end there. Apple managed to pack in a quad-core graphics processing unit for gaming and processing heavy apps, not to mention the 4K videos you’ll be taking with the camera.

iPhones have always defined the camera phone, specifically the camera part. iPhone 11 is no different. Equipped with wide and ultra wide cameras on the rear and wide selfie cam. No front cam downgrade here! Equal quality for front and rear cameras ONLY.


(Again) iPhone 11 is about quality over quantity, the numbers will say 12 megapixels for the cameras, but that’s 12 megapixels from high quality lens, professional-quality sensors, and the kicker - the Optical Image Stabilization or OIS, a feature where other newer flagship phones are still playing catch up.


It all amounts to beautiful, clear, and steady photos and videos up to 4K at 60 frames per second (or 1080 HD at 240fps).


The iPhone 11 can still clearly go toe to toe with the latest phones. It may even see new life with iOS 16 just around the corner. Apple’s latest operating system for the iPhones will bring more personalization options, better services, and enhanced security features.


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