What’s the Deal with Induction Cookers?

There's nothing better than a home cooked meal. Cooking is a worthwhile skill to learn and home cooking keeps costs down and makes for healthier meals.

For most of us, our memories are usually tied with the gas stove. It's a classic - old school and reliable.

But a lot of industries are moving away from fossil fuels and the gas stove could be the next victim of the phase outs. We need options right away and the induction cooker has been a great electric alternative.

What's the real deal with induction cookers and is it time to make the switch?

Induction cookers heat pots and pans directly through magnets. A magnetic current passes between the induction cooker’s electromagnet and the cookware. The current produces heat and voila, you're cooking!

Because induction cookers heat the cookware directly, your pots and pans get up to temperature faster. Compare boiling water on gas vs induction cooker and induction will win 50% faster.

Cook with consistent heat for better dishes!

The heart of the induction cooker is the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor or IGBT. It makes sure that power is regulated properly, safely, and efficiently. Which makes sense why they're used for a lot of kitchen appliances. The IGBT is so vital to the operation which is why it is one of the top things to look for in an induction cooker. With a quality IGBT, you get all of the benefits of low electricity costs, reliability, and longevity!

When choosing an induction cooker, be sure to choose one with a quality IGBT.

Kimstore carries the Kazumi Induction Cooker which uses Siemens IGBT. Siemens is one of Germany’s oldest brands and, like anything German, is known for quality. You get a quality induction cooker without the expensive price tag with the Kazumi Induction Cooker. Enjoy home cooked meals without worrying about the gas tank.

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