Bug Killer Showdown

In partnership with Kazumi Appliances | October 22, 2021 | 2 minute read

What's the best way to keep safe from mosquitoes? Is keeping them away as good as killing them? We bring together the brightest minds with our friends at Kazumi Appliances to help you find out the best mosquito solution for you.


5. Insect and Bug Sprays


A chemical called DEET is one of the common ingredients for insect and bug sprays. It is very absorbable through the skin and can cause blisters, memory loss, shortness of breath, and more; definitely not safe for humans and animals. There is no maintenance needed for bug sprays aside from having to buy more when they run out but watch out for residue and mind where you spray it.


4. Kulambo


The kulambo or mosquito net is one of the oldest ways of staying safe against mosquitoes especially during the night. Anyone inside should be safe provided the kulambo doesn't have holes big enough for mosquitos to get in. It definitely is safe for pets, but is the kulambo safe from your pets? Any kulambo is in danger from a naughty cat or dog so watch out for your furry troublemakers.


3. Katol and electric mosquito pads


The katol or mosquito coil is another relic from the good old days. Its modern counterpart, the electric mosquito pad uses the same concept but uses electricity instead of fire. Both have toxic chemicals so humans and animals should avoid ingestion and shouldnt be inhaled directly. Asthmatics should also be on the lookout. Contrary to mosquito coil commercials, they dont kill mosquitos but just keep them away. Costs Depend on your use; mosquito coils are cheap while pad refills can be expensive depending on the brand.


2. Plants


A lot of plants are natural mosquito repellants but you don’t know when and up to where they are effective. These are living things too so keep in mind to take care of them! Basil grows very quick and occasionally needs repotting, Cuban oregano is very invasive, while Citronella, despite being very effective, is unsafe for housepets.


1.   Kazumi Insect Killer


The Kazumi Insect Killer uses ultraviolet light to lure in insects then zaps them with electricity. What sets the Kazumi insect killer apart is it comes with a protective grid to make sure any kids and animals don't make contact with the electrified parts. All users need to do is plug it in and turn it on. It's the big brain solution for areas with a lot of insect infestation.

Which solution is best for you? Do you know someone who gets bitten no matter what they do? Tell us over at Kazumi’s Facebook and Instagram!

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